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Ladies Results

Ladies Results



Winter League round one winners.

Annabel Graham,Alice Melody and Mary Golden    34.5

Round 2 winners.

Deloroes Tuohy,Tina Graham and Noreen Hayes,     28.3


Thu 25th 9hole stableford sponsored by the Twin Trees Hotel

1st Alice Melody                          18 points

2nd Mgt Healy                              17 points

Sun 21 Club Day sponsored by the Tea Cup Restauraunt

1st Deloroes Tuohy Frances Murphy and Lucy Baker        30.7

2nd  Siobhan Leonard Mary Caulfield and Clair Munnelly   32.9

3rd  Helena Syron Mc Loughlin Kathleen Connor and Tina Graham   32.9

Thu 18 th 9 hole stableford sponsored by Dara Calleary

1st  Alice Melody                           18 points

2nd  Pauline Rowley                      17 points

Sun 14th 12 h/stableford sponsored by the Coffey Vine

1st Breege Lennon                         28 points

2nd Pauline Gilger Tuohy              21 points

3rd Clair Cooke                                 19 points

11th Thu 12 h/stableford sponsored by Top Oil

1st   Margaret Healy                           23 points

Thu 4th 12 h/stableford sponsored by Mulligan Pharmacy

1st Mgt Healy                                23 points

2nd Bridie Mc Cormack               22 points -back 6

3rd Adrianne Stewart                  22 points

Thu 20th Sep  12 h/stableford sponsored by Hallahans Newsagency

1st    Adrianne Stewart                   22 points

2nd   Breege Lennon                       21 points-back 3.


Sun 16 th 18 hole stableford sponsored by Archers.

1st Deloroes Tuohy                           31 points -back 3.

Sat 15th Lady Captains Charity sponsored by Golf Style.

1st Margaret Healy                            35 points -back 9

2nd Deloroes Tuohy                           35 points

3 rd Clair Cooke                                   34 points-back 9

4th Ann Gilvarry                                  34 points

Sun  9th Presidents Prize to the Ladies

1st Pauline Gilger Tuohy                   74 points

2nd Breege Lennon                             75 points

3rd Ann Gilvarry                                 75 points

Fri 7 th 9 hole stableford sponsoredf by the club

winner Rihanna Glacken

Thu 6th 18/h/stableford sponsored by Olive Howley Hair Salon

1st Marie Ford                                    30 points

2nd Mary Reynolds                            28 points

Sun Sep 2nd 18 H/Stableford sponsored by Caffreys Gallery

1st Deloroes Tuohy                            38 points

2nd Adrianne Stewart                       36 points

3rd Marie Ford                                    33 points


Thu Aug3 0TH 18 HOLE/Stableford sponsored by the Fashion Shop

1st Adrian Stewart                                34 points

2nd Siobhan Leonard                            32 points -back 3

Sun Aug 26 th 18 hole stableford Paddy Mc Loughlin Memorial sponsored by Nickie Mc Loughlin

1st Pauline Gilger Tuohy                        39 points

2nd Deloroes Tuohy                                36 points

3rd  Clair Cooke                                        31 points -back

Fri 9 hole comp sponsored by the club

1st Agnes Quinn                                        16 points – back 6

2nd Tina Graham                                      16 points

Thu Aug 23rd 18h/stableford sponsored by Gavin Optitions

1st Margaret Healy                                  35 points -back 9



Aug 19th Lady Captains -Mrs Marie Mc Loughlin Day.

1st Sinead Fox                   63 Net

2nd Deloroes Tuohy          71 Net

3rd Anna Ruane                  66 Net

4th Rihanna Glacken           68 Net

5th Clair Cooke                     72 Net

Gross Annabel Graham      76 Gross

1st 9 Alice Melody                34 points

2nd 9 Mary Doherty            39.5

CAT 1 Siobhan Leonard       73 Net

CAT 2 Bertha Cooke              73 Net

CAT 3 Bridie Mc Cormack     78 Net

Secret Hole Connie Cawleys

Past Captains Mary Lawrence   76 Net

Best 36 Agnes Quinn

Sun 13th  Paddy Myers Memorial .

1st Annabel Graham          70 points

2nd Tina Graham              71 points back 9

3 rd Mary Rafter                71 points

Fri 10 th 9 hole Club Competition

1st  Ann Gilvarry               16 points -bacl 6

Thu Aug 9th 18 hole stableford sponsored by Kevin Moran Butchers.

1st Anna Ruane                  43 points

2nd Siobhan Leonard        36 points

3rd Annabel Graham         34 points -back 9

Renee Corcoran Memorial sponsored by Hollister

1st Kathy Foley                    41 points

2nd Annabel Graham          38 -back 9

3rd Deloroes Tuohy             38 points

Best 36  Alice Melody

Thu 2nd 18h/sford sponsored by Carmel Fashions

1st  Clair Cooke                     35 points


Thu 26th 18 h/stroke Captains Prize to the Ladies

Winner Ann Cawley               69 net

Fri 20th 9 hole stableford

1st Marie Ford                         20 points

Thu 19th 18 h/stroke sponsored by functional Fitness

1st  Marie Ford                         40 points /back 9

2nd  Vera Sweeney                   40 points /back 9

3rd  Ann Carabine                      40 points

OPEN WEEK JULY 9th -15th.

Sun 15 th July 18 h/stableford sponsored by The Hazel Jewellers

1st  Marie Mc Loughlin             37 points

2nd Grainne Glacken                 36 points

3rd   Bertha Cooke                      35 points

Best 36 Agnes Quinn                   31 points

Friday 9 hstableford sponsored by Primary Solutions

1st   Phil Cronin                           22 points

2nd  Nuala Ford                          19 points

3rd   Sinead Fox                          18 points


Thu 20th 18 H/Sford sponsored by Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy

1st  Ann Cawley                             41 points

2nd Joan Clancy                              41 points

Tue 10th 18 h/sford sponsored by Mystique Beauty Salon

winner Breege Lennon                    40 points

Mon 9th July 18/h/sford sponsored by Cahill Tarrett.

winner Pauline Gilger                       41 points

Sun 8th July 9hole scramble

winners. Elaine White, Bernadette Mc Lean and Patricia Murphy.

Sun 8th July 18 h/stroke sponsored by The Corner Shop

1st  Pauline Rowley                               62 Net

2nd Ann Cawley                                     69 Net

3rd  Ann White                                       71 Net

Fri 9 hole comp sponsored by the club

1st  Ann Carabine                                   23 points

2nd Marie Mc Loughlin                          21 points

Thu 5th July 18 h/stableford sponsored by Super Value

1st    Mary Rafter                                   44 points

2nd  Kay Sweeney                                  41 points

3rd  Phil Cronin                                        39 points

Sun 30 th June 18 hole stableford sponsored by J and E Hughes Oil

1st Ann Carabine                                   39 points -back 6

2nd Mary Lawrence                              39

3rd Josephine O Hora                            38 points-back 9

Fri 29th June 9 hole stablefors sponsored by the club.

1st Helen Gallagher                                   22 points

2nd Bridie Mc Cormack                            19 points

Best 36 Vera Sweeney                               13 points

Thu 28thJune 18 hole stableford sponsored by Laurans Hair Salon

1st Alice Melody                                            29 points

2nd Josephine O Hora                                   25 points (back 6

3rd Kathleen Connor                                      25 points

Sun 24th 18hole stroke sponsored by Specsavers.

1st Annabel Graham                                      68 net

2nd Pauline Gilger Tuohy                             70 net

3rd Mary Reynolds                                        71 net

Fri 22nd June 9hstableford sponsored by the club,

1st  Joan Clancy                                                 19points.

Thu 21st June 18 h/stableford sponsored by Blooms and Things.

1st  Pauline Rowley                                              36 points(back9

2nd  Siobhan Leonard                                           33 points (back 6

3rd   Mary Lawrence                                             33

Best 36 Vera Sweeney                                           31

Sun 17th Australian Spoons

1st Marie Mc Loughlin and Helen Gallagher    43 points (back 9

2nd  Marie Ford and Ann Carabine                  43 points

3rd   Clair Cooke and Pauline Rowley               37 points

Thu 14th Jun. 18 /h/stableford sponsored by Dillon Mc Carron.


1st    Bridie Mc Cormack                  39 points

2nd   Chris Dee                                   36 points

3rd     Mgt Healy                                 33 points.


Sat/Sun 10 th June Vice Captain Helen Gallaghers Prize

1st Mary Rafter                                    65 Net
2nd  Annabel Graham                          71
3rd   Vera Sweeney                              72 (back 9

9 hole

1st      Anna Ruane                                23 points
2nd     Beda Martin                                13 points (back 6

Fri 9th June 9 h/stableford sponsored by the Club

1st     Grainne Glacken                       23 points

2nd    Ann Gilvarry                              18 points

Thu 7th June 18 h/stroke sponsored by Quinns Chemist.

1st      Mary Rafter                             70 points

2nd     Mary Reynolds                        73 points

3rd      Clair Cooke                               74 points

Sat/Sun 2nd and 3rd June Open 18 /h/stableford sponsored by the Ice House.

1st        Helen Gallagher                     43 points

2nd       Mary Rafter                           38 points

3rd       Pauline Gilger                          37 points.



Fri 1/6    9 hole stableford sponsored by the club

1 st     Margaret Healy                           17 points

Thu 31st May 18 h/stableford sponsored by Heffernan Fine Foods

1st       Agnes Quinn                              41 points

2nd     Pauline Rowley                           39 points (back 9

Sun 27th May Lady Presidents Day Mary Corcoran. 18 H/Stroke.

1st      Ann Cawley                                 69 Net

2nd     Pauline Rowley                           71

Gross    Frances Burke                         82 Gross

3rd        Siobhan Leonard                      73 net

4th       Joan Clancy                               74 (back9

5th      Josephine O Hora                      74 net

1st 9  Helen Gallagher                           34 net

2nd Clair Cooke                                       34.5

Cat 1 Deloroes Tuohy                             75 net

Cat 2 Grainne Glacken                            75

Cat 3 Sinead Fox                                      76

Best 36 Margaret Healy                         77 net

Secret Hole   Agnes Quinn

9 Hole Competition

1st Anna Ruane                                         23 points

2nd Rihanna Glacken                                19 points


Thu 24 th May 18h/stableford sponsored by Gerry Kenny Sports.

1st Clair Cooke                                    34 points

2nd Joan Clanvy                                  31 (back9)

Sun 20 th May 2018  County Cup Winners

1st Grainne Glacken                           69 Net

2nd Breege Lennon                             71 Net(Back 9)

Gross Maureen KeaneWestport         74 Net

3rd     Mary Daly Ballinrobe                71 net (Back 6)

4th     Helen Gallagher                         71 net

Fri 18 th May 9 h/stableford sponsored by the club

Winner  Sinead Fox                            19 points

Thu 17 th May 18 hole stroke sponsored by O Haras Bakery

1st     Helen Gallagher                            73 points

2nd    Breege Lennon                              74

3rd  Ann Carabine                                   76

Sun 13th May 18 h/stableford sponsored by Shaws

1st  Grainne Glacken                               31 points
Thu 10th May 18 h/stableford sponsored by Liam Walsh.

1st    Pauline Rowley                               30 points

Sat/Sun 5th and 6th May open sponsored by the Ice House

1st  Ann Cawley                                      36 points (back 9

2nd Sinead Fox                                       36 points

3rd Frances Burke                                  34 points

Fri 4th May 9h/stableford sponsored by the club

1st  Pauline Gilger Tuohy                    18 points

2nd  Sinead Fox                                    17 points

Sun 29 th April 18 h/stableford sponsored by the Manor Hotel

1st            Joan Clancy                      38 points (Back 9

2nd           Grainne Glacken             38 points.

3rd            Helen Gallagher              36 points.

Thu 26 th April 12 h/stableford sponsored by Dunnes Stores

1st           Marie Ford                      26 points

Best 36   Ann Doherty                   15 points

SUN 22nd April 18 hole/stableford sponsored by Mount Falcon.

1st   Pauline Gilger Tuohy           35 points

2nd Sinead Fox                              33 points

19th April   12h/stableford sponsored by Allure

1st  Pauline Gilger Tuohy          27 points

2nd  Breege Lennon                     23 points

3rd   Joan Clancy                          19 points

Best 36 Helen Gallagher            15 points

Sun 15th April 15 H/Sford sponsored by Homeworld.

1st  Mary Doherty                   30 points

2nd Doloroes Tuohy                 28 points

3rd Frances Burke                    26 Points

Best 36 Sinead Fox                    25 points
FRI 13Th April 9 hole/stableford sponsored by the Club

1st Helen Gallagher                17 points.

THU 12th April 12 hole/stableford sponsor.Complete Beauty by Sandra

1st   Phil Cronin                 24 points

2nd Mary Reynolds           20 points

3rd Mgt Healy                     20 points.

March 31 18 hole stableford sponsored by ICE HOUSE

1St Sinead Fox         35 points

2nd Pauline Gilger Tuohy  34 poinrs
3rd Ann Cawley                  31 point

25 TH March CAPTAINS DRIVE IN12 holes /stableford

1st  Ann                          24 points
2nd Frances Burke       22 points
3rd Helen Gallagher     20points

22 nd March  9 hole stableford

Helena Syron Mc Loughlin      16 points’









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